Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Neon Fever

Hmmm...not sure what it is lately, but I'm feeling especially saucy today. I say we get kicky with it and ditch the boring house stuff for a day. Can we please get some neon up in here?

It would be plain wrong to not start this post with the little man with the big voice whose ahhh-mazing album sleeve (that's right, I said album) sparked off my love affair with neon and inspired me to paint my 'teen bedroom purple. Thanks, mom and dad!

Whew! It's gettin' hot in here already. Please, please, please tell me you at one time owned Prince's album, 1999.

I want this in my house. Reeaalll bad. Image via 2008 'Top Design' winner hottie, Nathan Thomas', interior design company portfolio.

Moving right along, we have a few fine pieces of my favorite British feminist artist/bad girl Tracey Emin.

You Forgot to Kiss My Soul,Tracey Emin, 2001

Kiss me, kiss me, cover my body in love,Tracey Emin, 1996

Everything for Love, Tracey Emin, 2005

Yours truly at a Dan Flavin installation at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas and my friends hamming it up below.

Fabulous neon art via The Anemix

Lite Bright Neon Studio

Lite Brite Neon Studio

Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin, Texas. And here.

Radisson Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Seattle Public Library

I don't remember where this image is from, but I do know it's the naughtiest escalator I've ever seen. Saucy!



don't we all need that pink elevator to get us up to bed each night, with the "Trust Me" sign up entering...?

Raina said...

GUUUUUURL! Yes, I had that Prince album and thought he was the hottest thing walking on two legs. I've loved lady-dudes ever since.

W/V: nocation. My return to the States in a few weeks. Lots and lots of travel but nocation.

karly / design crisis said...

That pink escalator is 1. awesome and 2. from a phillip stark hotel in NYC, I can't remember which one though.

also, how is it that every cool person I know went to that big thing in Marfa but I totally missed it. Will someone take me next time, please?!

erin@designcrisis said...

I want a neon nightlight for bebe. LOVE this post!

House of Slappy said...

Teri - Build me a house with a pink neon escalator and you'll have a friend for life.

Raina - I think Prince still IS the hottest little thing. A bit wierd, but his talent and sexiness trump his eccentricity.

Karly - You say Marfa, I say Bring It!

Erin - One can never be too young (or old) for neon nigh-lights.

Amy said...

Pink escalator - Barbie store Shanghai - love it! BTW - word verification notyra - what's blogger got against Tyra anyhow???