Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy for Pirwi!

Late last week I had the pleasure of attending Kirk's preview of its newest addition to the super-stylish family, Pirwi, a Mexico City-based furniture company that operates under sustainable practices. According to their website, "the company was founded by two industrial designers, Emiliano Godoy and Alejandro Castro; and launched an initial product line in March 2007. Today, the collection includes over 60 objects by 12 designers, and features award-winning pieces as well as designs now considered classics of Mexican design".

What made my night though, was meeting and speaking to designer Godoy, who has been working in sustainable design for several years. Godoy is in charge of the creative direction of the company. Lemme tell you, he is as charming as he is talented and ladies and gentlemen, I have a new Latin crush!

Pirwi’s catalog showcases stylish and contemporary pieces that are not only green, but that also offer an interesting aesthetic proposal. Besides the creation of environmentally compatible products, Pirwi utilizes socially fare labor practices setting itself at the forefront of the sustainable furniture industry. Wait, it gets better. In addition to all of that, a lot of their pieces are pretty affordable. Pirwi is sold exclusively in the U.S. at Kirk, so make sure to check it out. A few photos of some of my favorite pieces, although the real pieces are much more beautiful in person!


Anonymous said...

what a fabulous company with some gorgeous pieces and eco-friendly what more could you want?!
lots of love,
nicky :D x

Raina said...

What a fantastic source! Gorgeous stuff.

I'm bookmarking it for "Future Projects."

erin@designcrisis said...

I think karly was telling me about his last night... lovely work!


I dig the Doggy-style book case! ;P

House of Slappy said...

Thanks, ladies -

Nicky - They really are pretty amazing. Thanks for stopping by!

Teri - That book case is pretty clever!