Friday, June 5, 2009

Morris Lapidus. Yummy.

Photos via WSJ. Do yourself a favor and check out the photos in the slideshow.

Stop the presses! Just when I gave up hope on scouring the www for additional images for you guys, Mlle Raina just sent me a magical link with these splendid images. Eeeeeeeee! (My excited squeal). Raina, you rock HARDER than Kip Winger!

More eye candy can be found here.


Raina said...

Love that rug.

Here are even more photos of this house:

House of Slappy said...

Oh No you di-n't! Shush your mouth, I looked everywhere for additional sweet ass pictures. I'm updating now. Thanks, Raina!


Oh ya...Baby, bring me home!

Amy said...

Loving the Morris Lapidus house! Wow!