Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sexy Wood

Yesterday's post on the fantastically talented design collective, Pirwi, got me wondering about what else is out there in the wild world of organic furniture. Whew! Turns out there is a hot little company named Hudson Furniture, Inc. and man is their stuff super sexxxxxxx-y! Case in point: the table below. Wood + Gold = Hot. And that chandelier? Holy Shit!

According to Barlas Baylar, Hudson's founder and designer, "None of the woods we use are harvested from old growth forests. Our wood slabs are domestically sourced from either salvaged trees or wind/storm damaged trees. The trees have an average life span of 250-300 years. When these trees die, they gradually do so from the crest to the roots. The farmers or the tree owners thus have to remove these trees as they might cause damage to houses, other trees or outlying areas. We integrate various wood species into our designs to produce unique works of art."

All of the furniture is available in custom dimensions, custom finishes and a variety of wood species such as Claro Walnut, Black Walnut, Myrtle, Jasmine, Acacia, Satinwood and Ebonized Pine.

What's that you say? You wish you could see a close-up of that amazing chandelier with nickel trim? Ask and ye shall receive.

Solid Walnut Coffee Table with Plexiglass Base

Organic Teak Root with Plexiglass Top

The Rock - Bronze End Table

And to conclude our lovely organic tour, I like to call this the "This Is Where The Magic Happens" section. Check out these sleek custom designed beds...

Walnut Bed


erin@designcrisis said...

Why are you doing this to me??????????????

I can't afford any of these fine items, but I REALLY want them all.

Raina said...

I will take a few of those bronze tables that look like cheese. I mean a root ball. Or something.

House of Slappy said...

Sorry, Erin - I meant no harm ;) It truly pains me as much it does you whenever I see 'call for pricing' next to beautiful pieces such as these. On the other hand, maybe it's best I don't know the prices.


Yep!...that's some Sessy-Sessy wood.

I am all about the dining table with the plexi-support.

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Fantastic designs, love the tables, so unique and cool.