Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hotel Saint Cecilia

I can't think of a better way to celebrate my very first post than by sharing these amazing photographs by Jackie Caradonio she took of one of Austin's newest and in my opinion, most bad-ass hotels, Hotel Saint Cecilia, located on South Congress Avenue. Let's begin at the pool, shall we?


karly / design-crisis.com said...

Wait! THIS is the new austin hotel? I've seen these pictures, and i knew there was a new austin hotel, but i didn't know the two were one in the same (I just heard about the new hotel from joel the other day, not when i was looking at the pictures). I guess I should start reading captions.

awesome awesome. i'm so going for drinks asap, would you like to join me?

Andrea said...

YES! Karly, remember? This is the place I e-mail you when I was dorking-out about the hotel's website. Drinks, most definitly. Pool in the summer? Absolutely!

Raina said...

I'll stay any place with a Togo. Congrats on birthing your new blog!