Friday, June 26, 2009

Guest Post: 7 Design Essentials

Hi Everyone, this is Crystal and I blog over at Plush Palate. I'm so excited to be part of House of Slappy as a guest blogger today and to meet all of you! Andrea asked me to do an interior design post, so I thought I'd start with the basics. So, here's a look at the 7 essentials of my design philosophy...

1. Splashes of Color: Color can be intimidating but the good news is you can easily experiment with accent pieces (like throw pillows and ottomans). Then, when your mood changes , you can switch them out with new ones (I'm always redoing the color palette of my apartment!). This is the easiest way to create an instant visual stimulations!

2. Look At Me Pieces: Every room should have at least one unexpected, attention grabbing piece. This is what sets an average room apart from a fabulous room! Don't you just love walking into a space that leaves you floored with surprise? The oversized wall medallion in this Jay Jeffers designed living room does just that.

3. Fresh Flowers: It's been said a thousand times before, but fresh flowers really do make all the difference in a room (please no artificial ones!). They bring the outside in, are already perfectly designed by natural, and quickly bring life to any space. 

4. Mixing Styles & Eras: Nothing says modern day designer like the ability (and confidence) to mix design styles and eras. This keeps a space interesting and unpredictable. The key is to make sure there's a common element that ties it all together and keeps the look congruent (like a color palette or clean lines). I love how the designer here mixes mid-century modern chairs with a contemporary table on the left, and modern Barcelona chairs with a traditional wood table on the right. 

5. Drapery: Oftentimes people overlook drapery to save money or because they simply don't think they're important to the design process. But drapery truly is the finishing touch to any room. It's like the jewelry you wear to complete the outfit, the frosting on the cake, and the bow on top of the present. It helps visually tidy up a space and makes it complete.

6. Embracing White: Oh how I love white! I'm just so drawn to the pure, clean, and fresh feeling the color evokes. That's probably why all my dishes, towels, sheets, and even my couches are white. I believe every home should have at least one white space to retreat to and escape from all stimulation and stress of the day.

7. Layers of Texture: As we all know, design is in the details. And perhaps the detail that is most important of all in creating a warm and inviting space is texture. I love the way designer Darryl Carter has a floor rug on top of the carpet showing that you can never have too many layers. And on the right, the designer mixes elements like a plush carpet, cotton throw blanket and wood to create different tactile experiences. Simply Delicious :)

Happy Friday everyone! Love, Crystal

*Sources from top to bottom, left to right: Michael Robinson Photography, James Merrell, Jay Jeffers Design Group, flowers via Carolyn Barber Photography, James Tse Photography, left drapery via coco+kelley, right drapery and whites via Reed Davis Photography, bottom left via Elle Decor, bottom right via James Tse Photography


Plush Palate said...

Thanks for having me as a guest, Andrea! xoxo

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Great post, thanks for the great tips!