Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning Week

It's Friday which means I've saved the best for last. This final tasty treat come courtesy guessed it - Elle Decor September 2007 (I really didn't mean to post this entire week's pics from one magazine, but these truly are some of my favorite spreads.)

In an ode to 1950's modernism, these photos are dear to my heart because not only is this house completely cozy and inviting, it has all of the elements which will eventually comprise my dream home: mid-century modern ranch house, high stone walls, an enormous fireplace (yes, in Texas) and breathtaking views. And a rectangular swimming pool!

As much as I would like to claim this rural Connecticut house as my own, it actually belongs to Bruce Glickman and Wilson Henley, owners of this Tribeca mid-century inspired store. Built in 1954, the couple renovated the home from straight-up country theme replete with brick floors and walls of barn siding, channeled Richard Neutra to see what he would do and...voila!

This post is actually a happy accident because as of Monday, in an effort to educate myself on the most inspiring and successful mid-century modern architects, House of Slappy will be beginning a new series of posts entitled none other than...'Mid-Century Modern Mondays' and 'Furniture Fridays' featuring some of the best and classic furniture MCM has to offer. I know, I'm so zany.

Just look at that Robert Longo lithograph taunting me from afar...

A view of the Litchfield Hills; the poolhouse, deck, and pool date from the 1960s. Ahhhh, serenity now.


Raina said...

I love this house too. I think I've used nearly every one of these photos on a blog post at some time or other.

Hoping the House of Slappy has a glorious weekend!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

So awesome. I love the yard and pool. Gorgeous.


Adore a pool that's surrounded by green grass! ~Have a lovely new week*