Monday, April 6, 2009

Color Me Badd

In the last several of my posts, I've made no secret of my penchant for color - I'm not sure what it stems from, whether it is the need to add some pizazz to our house after having moved in a little over a year ago or my present affinity for all things bold and bright. What I do know, is as soon as I saw fashion designer Matthew Williamson's kaleidoscopic crib in Domino last September, I knew then we were two peas in a pod. For the time being, anyway.

Hark! The herald angels sing...a mirrored tile fireplace.

Less truley is more - I would scale back on some of the books and tsotchkes and display the side table against the wall in all of it's neon lucite splendor.

Ok, folks - I realize neon is not everyone's cup of chai, but I embrace it. Hold on to your 1999 Prince album and prepare yourselves for a neon showcase in the near future!

Whoop, there it is again. This time in a lovely shade of pink against an all white cabinet. Thinking about getting one of these bad boys? Pony up that extra $44,000 you've been contemplating how to spend.

And finally, a bit of refuge from the madness in a black and white bedroom.


Raina said...

When this feature hit the blogosphere a while back, people were harshing on it right and left. I'm with you - it's gorgeous.

House of Slappy said...

Thanks for having my back, Raina. Of course it's gorgeous!

karly / said...

I have every single page of that spread torn out in and stowed away safely in plastic sheeting. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Are you good at bringing color into your house? I really really really want lots of bright items, but keep accidentally buying neutrals.

Eden Rose said...

Oh, a fellow colour lover! I'm so with you, those rooms are amazing.

House of Slappy said...

Thanks, Eden Rose - more color will definitly be coming in the near future and Welcome to House of Slappy!

Anonymous said...

I love that white/stainless steel kitchen with the neon lights in the fifth picture.