Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning Week

Next up for Spring Cleaning week is the 1845 Greek Revival townhouse of one of my fashion heroes, Cynthia Rowley, featured in the October 2008 spread in Elle Decor. Back in the day when I had grand plans to take over the fashion world, I always looked up to Rowley for her beautiful, feminine and very fun designs. These photos of her home truly reflect the aesthetic of hers I fell in love with years ago - traditional yet modern, utilitarian yet artistic, solid yet whimsical.

The woman can do no wrong in my book, she even designed this beautiful metallic wallpaper.

Rowley and her husband's daughter Gigi...even her name is too cute.

I'm a serious sucker for swimming pools. Not only do I just love this picture, I'm drooling over those mid-century chaise lounges with pretty floral fabric.

How gorgeous is this room?! And that amazing bar cart?

Of course Rowley designed this wallpaper, too...

And what kid's bunk beds don't have a Takashi Murakami art piece hanging on the wall? Come on you slacker parents, step up your game.

A serious art collector, Rowley's collection includes pieces by artists such as Rachel Feinstein, Tom Sachs, Richard Prince, Will Cotton, Christopher Wool, and Elizabeth Peyton.

If I was resourceful right now I would totally Photoshop mine and my husbands heads onto this picture. I've also been contemplating which colors to decorate the bedroom with and right now rich deep purple and blue are lookin' really good right about now.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! LOVE the gold grand piano!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Oh my gosh, I need those bunk beds. And I need to be 6 again.