Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is this Heaven?

It is not, my friends, but very is Trendir, the most fresh and spectacular modern design and decorating website I have encountered in a really loooooong time.

Look! An indoor lap pool with pretty colors.

One dreamy living area, coming right up! I love everything about this space - the sprawling open-ness, the spiral staircase, ahhh...the red patio chair on the right has my name all over it.

Is it just me or does this bathroom look like it could belong to Lenny Kravitz? I'm so digging the paisley wallpaper, vanity mirror and laquered walls! It just looks so cozy and relaxing this could quite possibly be my lady cave.

What do we have here? Hmmmm? I have to admit I really dislike the shell-fish inspired sinks and the tacky mirror frames, but this is where we get to use our imagination and visualize something way cooler...such as two Francois Ghost Mirrors by Philippe Stark in black and equally hip sinks. What really got me in this photo, though, are those gorgeous white sink stands juxtaposed against the deep plum wall and floors. Are those crystals I see on the sink stands? Ka-ching!

Awwww, yeah. Not only are these tufted leather babies quite lovley, I'm sure my cats wouldn't jump on them in a heartbeat to make biscuits. Yeah, right!


karly / said...

Awesome awesome awesome finds! I have to admit, I was questioning that bathroom photo, then I read your caption and I remembered how totally rad you are!!!

Raina said...

I could happily move into space numero dos and live there for the rest of my days.

Andrea/House of Slappy said...

Thanks, Karly and Raina, I appreciate your time with my new efforts! You two will always be my #1 fans.