Monday, March 30, 2009

Dynamic Design Duo...and an Exciting Announcement!

With the phenomenal weather lately and my mind focused on getting out of town for some R&R this weekend, all I've been thinking about is bright, bold and vibrant colors. Coincidentally, I've been contemplating posting some of my favorite photos of amazing design duo Pal + Smith that I fell in love with a few short months ago and when I learned via Design Milk they've recently realeased a new line of furniture...I knew I had to get to typing.

Designers Melissa Palazzo and Toni Smith, of Pal + Smith, once again strike design gold with their debut collection of bright and bold pieces mixed with darker graphic takes on Baroque inspired furniture, which seem to be their signature style in interior design and now furniture design.

...and here is where my stalking, I mean, apprecation, began:

Ok, I know the faux leopard print coat and patent leather sandals 'casually' strewn across the bed is the result of a blatant attempt at styling, but come on - it's the perfect eye candy and goes great with the room, right?

Oh my gosh, this dining room feels so easy breezy beautiful. I just love the light color palette and that light fixture? Fuggedabout it!

...and how incredible is this living room? I absolutely love it.

Finally! Last but not least, I'm so excited to announce this Friday Jeff Kirk, proprietor of the one and only eponymously named Kirk Gallery, will be filling in as my first official guest blogger. This past weekend, Kirk served on a panel at the Blanton Museum of Art where he discussed modernism and how it relates to Austin and since I was not able to attend to report on it, he is doing me the honor of sharing his musings and the highlights here at House of Slappy.

If you've been living under a rock lately, Kirk Gallery is located in the 2nd Street District and showcases an stunning array of 20th-century vintage furniture and design-driven accessories. His gallery has been written about numerous times in Tribeza and Austin Monthly and is quickly becoming the go-to source for unique home furnishings and accessories among design enthusiasts. Although, Jeff - I have to know...why isn't the gold gnome which resulted in near white-elephant party bloodshed available for sale on your website?!?! I had the fortune of attending the gallery's opening in September 2008 and let me tell you, the bathroom alone is a conversation piece. Thanks Jeff, and we look forward to your visit this week!


Raina said...

If Karly ever finds out the address of the house with the horse painting above the bed, it's all over.

kirker said...

I must confess that we do not have every single thing in our inventory up on the Web site yet, and that includes the gnomes! Unfortunately we do not have any shots from the manufacturer for it, so we had to do our own photo shoot. The shots are ready, but I haven't yet had time to put them on the site!

Anyway, I look forward to guest-blogging about the Blanton panel on Friday.

House of Slappy said...

I don't doubt, it, Raina!