Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kimber Modern

This past weekend I went to a girlfriend's Mad Men themed bachelorette party at Kimber Modern, a chic and minimalist bed and breakfast off of South Congress Avenue. It was a swanky scene and mighty fine time...until our partay got shut d-o-w-n. Apparently the managers frown upon 11 women having a subdued evening in the courtyard. At 8:30 on a Saturday evening. On South Congress Avenue next to a live music venue! WTF? Anywhoo, below are some photos of the space and some lovely pics of moi and the ladies.

Unlike traditional hammocks, this one constructed with seat belts gave you a sense of security and there were no pesky hammock accidents.

My friend Kiah set up Mad Men-era drink stations with adorable drink recipe signs.

The lovely ladies and moi.

Oh, look! An Arne Jacobsen chair.

Oh, Look! Yours truly in an Arne Jacobsen chair.

Top 5 photos by Alison Zavos, the rest were taken by me.


Raina said...

Talk about a glam mama-to-be!


Now, that's...a Party house!

erin@designcrisis said...

lame! I shall never stay there is you can't even party past 8:30!!!

On another note, you look amazing!