Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Judge a House by It's Non-Descript Exterior

Hmmm...I've been naughty. It's been about two months since my last post and I completely forgot the name of the magazine from which I ripped these photographs. Whoops! That being said, these splendid images might not be new to some of you design devotees and I apologize for not sharing them sooner.

Floor to ceiling windows? Yes, please!!

I'm j'ador-ing the color palatte here and don't even get me started on how much I dig that floor lamp.
Yeaaaah, those bar stools aren't cutting the mustard.

Welcome to my backyard, ain't she sweet?

The jury is still out on this wallpaper...I definitly would have gone a silver metallic route.

I wouldn't kick this setup out of my bedroom...

Let's see...fuscia colored sand encased in clear lucite to make a writing desk. Oh, hells yeah.

If I were about to give birth to a little baby girl instead of a boy in a few months, you'd better believe this is how her nursury would be decorated. Except there would be a white crib instead of the bunk beds, of course. Duh.

And finally, a cozy outdoor space where many a bottle of wine would be consumed...


Raina said...

OK - in no certain order:

1. You're PREGNANT?!?!?
2. I'm so happy to see you back blogging.
3. You're PREGNANT?!?!?
4. This is my dream house. You know, if I wasn't already living in my dream house.
5. Agreed - crap bar stools.
6. You're PREGNANT?!?!?

Raina said...

Oh and CONGRATS Mamacita-to-be!!!